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I heard of bak2u software from my friend after I lost my phone recently. It had been a painstaking process from canceling of the sim card service to retrieving back the contacts (though there are still many missing). Thus, better safe than sorry, I've decided to try out this software.

I was amazed by the prompt replies of less than 5 hours by bak2u when I encountered problems in the activation of my bak2u application! They have been a great help.

Have personally tested on the application using another sim card and it really worked! A message was sent from the thief's mobile to my family members(who are the nominated receivers) which includes:

- The thief's mobile number
- IMEI & IMSI number (which will be helpful for police report)
- Cell ID and thief location

I'm confident that with bak2u installed in my mobile device, I will nap down the next thief who dares to steal my phone again.. :)

Prompt Service and easily contactable. Security device for phone is a must nowadays. Phonebak seems like what I need. Worth a little investment. 

Owner of Nokia E72
Hui Lin

Really smart application to use! It automatically backup all incoming sms to another phone. 

Owner of HTC HD2
Wai Leong

I love this app! It's very simple to use. Once it is setup it is completely automated. Very simple interface. Customer service is outstanding and best of all I don't have to wory about plugging into computer everyday anymore! Well worth the price and wonderful peace of mind. 
SMS Stealth user
Alicia Chong

BAK2u allows me to control the manner in which my confidential data and phone will behave if it is ever lost or stolen. This gives me the peace of mind knowing my data will never get in the wrong hands.  Verizon BlackBerry User
Justin Price

What a novel idea! a small investment in this software gives you a piece of mind. I have not lost my Samsung Omnia mobile yet, but when I misplace it, I know that Bak2U is keeping an eye with me.  Thomas Verghese

I like to use it because of the GREAT customer service from BAK2u!  Ahmad Al-Ani

Actually Phoenix is quite unique. I would hate the moment that I would leave my MacBook Air at some train station or somewhere, knowing that somebody then would look around my harddisk after bypassing the login, which is easy.

In Phoenix I have a locator and a safe way to lock down my Mac and even get a photo of the one that is sneeking around.... :-)) Thank you again 
AT&T BlackBerry user

I recently purchase the phoneBak for my nokia symbian phone. I tried replacing the SIM card and the software works as it's supposed to. All my data was deleted, and an SMS sent to my designated phone number.

No worries on who can access my data if I ever lose my phone! 
Dr. Med. Carlo Moll

BlackBerry Bold gadget is just like my right arm for me. I had been looking for a safe backup/restore program for the Blackberry. Now with PhoneBAK software I feel so much secured that my data are protected. Thank you. 
Steven Ng

Ever since I lost my iMate K-JAM, and wasn't able to locate its whereabouts, I was on the lookout for a mobile security software that would help me in securing my windows mobile device, and in case of a theft help me in retrieving it. I then heard about Bak2u, and purchased their Anti-theft software.

I'd like to say that Bak2u is an extremely user-friendly, intuitive and efficient piece of software. Wiping out of storage data and hard-reset are pretty cool features. I'd seriously recommend this wonderful software for all those who cherish their expensive devices and want to secure them. Kudos to Bak2u for this fantastic invention 
Mehmet Muhsinoglu

PhoneBAK is very useful :D This soft is a must-have app 

BAK2u is a hassle free program that backs up my critical data in the back ground safely with out having to be tethered to my laptop and wasting more time! It’s the perfect app and their customer support is fast and brilliant.. I love it. 
Nguyen Quang Huy

PhoneBAK is an easy to use program that is practical and low costing. For a very small one-time payment, my phone can be insured with a higher chance of recovery should it go missing.

Although no one expects his/her phone to be stolen/missing, but it is one of the safest programs that I can invest in to ensure that my phone is theft/mising proof. 
Richard Lightstone
Los Angeles

This app rocks! Just let it automatically backup on its own, hassle free! 
John Koh

With all my important data, PhoneBak gives me a peace of mind! And the after sales support is excellent! (Owner of Samsung Omnia) 
Ong Chee Leng
AIA Insurance

As a customer of BAK2u Anti-theft software, I loved it so much, I bought it for three of my Macs! It provides me peace of mind especially with the video recording feedback. 100% recommended. 

Asia Pacific OAG Worldwide Ltd I'm using your software to protect my mobile from thieves. Your software is unique & excellent product & it's also the easiest way to protect the most expensive information for anyone.Your customer service is also the best. Thanks. 
Mario M. Hardy
Vice President

I think these apps are simple and yet so very useful for both Singaporeans and travelers to Singapore.

Something that I would totally recommend everyone I know with an iPhone to load up, because you never know when you are gonna need them, until you do.'

NTT of Tech65.org 'It was a wrong move not to get the antitheft software at the iShop event last week (Oct 2008). Lost my MBP at the McDonald! No more second chance, got it the next day. 
Hosam Mostafa

I've bought my Bak2u software in May 2007, installed to my PDA phone but recently I've purchased a new mobile phone for my son with a new number. His old phone number which I assigned to receive sms in the event of lost of my PDA phone, a sms will be sent to him notifying me the person whom took my PDA phone.

I tried to re-assign my son new mobile number but failed.

I call "Bak2u" for assistance & get an immediate reply from the sales team. The technical team also called me the next working day to assist me in the re-installation of the "Bak2u" software & my problem was solved.
I am very grateful & satisfied with the service of "Bak2u".
Esther Wee

In March 2008, I lost one of my favourite ppc phones (O2 Atom) in a taxi to HK station catching a train to airport. I was so depressed even I got a receipt with taxi license plate. Then I knew I lost it forever as it's off after 10 minutes while I kept calling my own phone...

I did not know anything like who got my mobile, and what happened on all the valuable info I had in my phone!

After getting the substitute one (LG KS20), I still worried about losing this one again. Luckily, I noticed there was software called "PhoneBAK" from a magazine. I was impressed on how this software can do, esp. hard resetting the mobile after sending SMS to assigned parties.

Recently, I bought a new HTC Touch Pro and I need to get a new copy of PhoneBAK. BAK2u get PhoneBAK even more perfect - including "Erase memory card" feature. I love this feature, as I always put some business materials in the card for pushing emails. Then I have no worries to lose any business sensitive info again. Of course I don't want to lose my mobile again, but PhoneBAK gives me a solid insurance :)

In summary, PhoneBAK is not only security software, but it's extremely user-friendly, and BAK2u is such a considerate company with lots of user-care features like locking the software and not showing it in the "Add/Remove Program" screen!

Looking forward to more excellent software from BAK2u 
Edmund Goo

Thanks for your prompt and professional support (Anti-theft for Mac). Appreciate it! 
Hong Kong

You guys saved my life! I placed the laptop on my legs when making a call on my BlackBerry Bold (which also has your software) and the next minute a young punk just took off with my laptop running! The next hour I received the alert email and made a police report from the address provided.

If without Bak2u anti-theft software for my windows laptop, my overseas trip will never be possible for me to close this deal for my company. Thank you! 
Weng Him

System is working just fine now on my MacBook Pro. I did a little test over the weekend and the Mac locked up with my message, I received SMSs, emails, and two of the emails also contained video. Works a treat and I’m more than satisfied.

I really am a stickler for keeping everything in softcopy these days, I scan in everything. Now more than satisfied with the system. Thanks again for your help. Have a great day, regards. 

I was recommended to purchase anti-theft after purchasing my mac in iShop for better security reason and of cos, i did, for i do not want my gadget to be someone else's hand. After I tried to install the program in my pc, I realised that it is'nt working well in the first place. I went back to the retail store and asked if they could help me install since im not that advanced in computer softwares.

They explained that I must get my license key before the software could function and so, i was rather at a loss. I did what he told me but still, I couldn't get Verey I working. So, i tried contacting the customer service of Verey I and they helped me out. Initially, things were in a mess as I dont get what is happening and soon we found out what the problem was.

I had an older version and thus, unable to comply with the settings. The customer service was very patient with me. He instructed me to do this and that, and finally, I got my verey I working!!! HO HO!! Thank you for the kind patience with me all these while. 
Dave Martin

Having BAK2u is like getting insurance for your gadgets. With BAK2u's anti-theft software for my ipod nano, I feel more assured that if something ever happens to it, I won't be unable to do anything to recover it. I'll definitely get another anti-theft software when my laptop arrives. 
Elin Khoo

I hope I don't have to use this software :) I encountered installation problems and emailed the cust service. Received step by step instruction on how to remove and install the software again. Even after installation, I still had problems but still, I had the same level of efficient, excellent and patient support thru the email. Manage to install the software and the settings done. It has been a pleasant surprise. 
Stacy Yeo (Nafa student)

I like your products and what you are doing. Keep up the good work, you guys have great product ideas! 
Jason Chiam

Saw the Digital Life report on the PhoneBAK BB (Blackberry) anti-theft software. This is what my staffs need. No more risks of losing our customers data! 
Mike Johnson - American Living In Riga

A great product with a great service! Special thanks to Charlene, Gerard and Paddy! 
Maverick Oon, lawyer

When Bak2U first launched the version for BlackBery, I told myself that this is a must have application. For the investment made on the phone and most importantly, the information that can be found on the mobile phone these days, this application should be included in every Blackberry sold. The insurance to have the peace of mind in retrieving the phone back is certainly worth the price.

The support team from Bak2U, including Paddy himself, have been most responsive to my problems in getting the program to work perfectly in my device and this is what I call good support services. Well done, guys! 
Alex Tan

I have been raving about Verey I to our local Mac store. I forwarded them the test report and video capture...they were excited too! I LOVE this program..... 
Stephen See

I am not too familiar with software installations and was not confident with the whole procedure. Once I hit a problem I sent for the cavalry (the support email address on the packaging) and was extremely pleased with the quick response to my enquiry.

Everyone was so helpful and within a very short amount of time I was back on track. It is reassuring to know my laptop is now secure. 

Sharron Madison

BAK2u is a great application! Not only does it provide us an "active" way of recovering our phones but it also protects our investment because of the ability to restore unlock codes if we ever forget them...just like me!

I really like this software! 
Ms. Jenny
Western Australia

When I first read about this software, they were no doubt in my mind it was something good to have! Not only if I loose or my nice E65 is stolen, I can get the device itself back but also, I would get all my contacts, pictures, calendar etc back! Because for me now, my E65 is almost replacing my laptop and if I didn't sync it or back it up, it would be a total loss of my day to day activities for my work and everyday activities.

So I got on line and download the program. I was a bit mixed up by the instructions on phone numbers to register but Charlene from BAK2u was very nice and patient and had this software running up! I think if you are like me, your device is a crucial thing for you, then you must get this Bak2u software and get all the chances on your side to get it back to you!

I will certainly very soon have it on my laptop as well or other toys I own!

Thanks for the exceptional customer service! 
Mr. Emil dela Cruz

The BEST purchase I have ever made!! That amount I paid was not just for this impressive PhoneBAK program but also the excellent customer services.

I'm using the HTC Touch PDA Phone, it seemed it have compatibility problems with this program at first. Emailed Bak2U sereval times and got prompt response everytime. They even have re-encoded the program for me. Now this program is running perfectly on my PDA phone. Thanks to Bak2U for this brilliant anti-thief program and customer services!!! 
Ms. Caroline M. Quebec

Q. How many times have you called your golden credit card toll free number and put on hold for an hour? A. Everytime
Q. How many times have you called your telco and put on hold for half-an-hour? A. Everytime
Q. How many times have you emailed bak2u and get effective replies within minutes? A. EVERYTIME
Their service is unparallel compared to the established companies. They are very passionate in what they do... don't take my word for it... just look at thier blog and forums. 
Ms. Carol Chan
Hong Kong

Saw you guys at Springwise.com. Cool stuff! Glad to be on the trial for my Macbook Pro. 
Mr. Malcolm Loh. Accountant

Currently a user of Phonebak PDAPhone software and was fortunate to be in the trial of the new anti-theft software for MacBook. I want to get it immediately when I see the ability to track down the thief right down to where he stays! 
Mr. Robert Rieger. Business executive. New York City.

Recently I purchased a Lenovo IBM laptop in the IT Show 2007, it costs me about S$2300 together with other 3rd parties softwares. I then saw this flyers given out to protect your pda phones, mobilephones and laptops from theft! This is the best buy ever for me! 
Mr. Chan. Freelance web designer

I think nothing is cheaper than recovering a lost handphone then to buy a brand new one and I will get the software for my kids soon.' Mr. Joe Sim. Singapore. 'Brilliant idea! And the support is fast and efficient. 
Mrs. Mok. Insurance agent

All the customers' contacts are in my phone, it is a lifeline to me for my kind of work. 
Mr. JM MORAND. Paris

I am very careless and had lost 3 mobilephones. I cannot keep signing on mobilephone plans to replace them. It is hitting me bad on the pocket! 
Mr. Alex Yong. Insurance Agent

Cost of PhoneBAK Mobilephone software definitely beats paying for a full price replacement! 
Ms. Angela Lee. Business Development Manager

With the 20% discounts offer from Comex 2006, I was able to take full advantage of it for my new Dopod 838 Pro. It is a small amount to pay compared to replacing a new pda. 
Mr. Richard C. Marketing Executive

I am most impressed by the service level provided by your company. Querry sent in the morning, I will receive a reply in the afternoon. Mail sent in the evening, the reply will come the next morning. When the problem could not be solved by mail, I received a personal call.

About the software, PhoneBAK it is really interesting. Each time I inserted a new SIM card, a SMS is sent to the receipient I specified. I can test and try as many times as I wish and the software works without fail. In this way I can have real confidence that the software will work. The problem is not losing the phone, the problem is losing the data. At least the software enable me to have a chance to recover my data. 
Mr. Eric Low
HWZ member

I got mine stolen when in a restaurant. It is a nightmare running around without a phone but within an hour, we got that thief! Sweet revenge! 
Mr. John Lek

I already spent a thousand dollars on my HP iPAQ 6828, no way am I going to save that small amount of investment. Better protection than sorry. 
Ms. Shannon

I work as an information-technology support engineer who carries with me a a thumb drive to access the company's laptop for confidential information. I didn't even realize I'd lost it when I got the call from BAK2u that someone found it at the Suntec City McDonald!'

Jonathan. The Asian Wall Street Journal, Sept 2005 
Mr. George Lam