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SMS Stealth (Backup)
Have all incoming SMS texts received by the BlackBerry, auto forward and backup to any predefined phone numbers with just a single setting!

Useful for owners and companies that need to backup copies of the SMS texts in another phone or system (received by SMS gateway) for references.

The forwarding function can also be easily disabled with just a catch phase in a SMS text to the BlackBerry.

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Automatic Forwarding
Any incoming SMS texts received by the BlackBerry will be automatically forwarded to the predefined numbers.

Example: Software is installed in User A's BlackBerry and predefined to be forwarded to User B's phone (any brands and models that can receive SMS Texts).

No leftover messages in these 2 boxes when the SMS texts are sent.

Auto Start Up
Software autoruns every time the BlackBerry is powered up.

Background Operation
When the SMS Texts are forwarded, it will be done on the background without the need to intervene.

Just send a predefined catch phase to deactivate the forwarding service. Example: 'sunshining birthday'

Case Study 01
Suitable for parents to monitor who their kids are communicating, especial risk of 'SEXting'.

Story: The Dangers of 'Sexting'

Case Study 02
Company-issued BlackBerry to employees related to work, for monitoring and archiving conversations.

Case Study 03
Delivery men to receive job assigned via SMS Texts with central system archiving all communications.

Low Memory Resource
Software uses very little resources when sending forwarded SMS texts.


GSM Network

BlackBerry OS 4.5 & above

Download (No trial version)

Note: Do not use this software for illegal purposes. User must have legal access to install and remove the installed software in the BlackBerry device.

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SMS StealthSMS Stealth

One time purchase only (No subscription or annual fee)

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