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Empowers users to locate the whereabouts of vehicles, employees, journalists, agents or family members anywhere in the world.

PhoneBAK GPS targets at both consumer and enterprise users to track the whereabouts via the mobile phones without the need to invest additional add-on GPS devices!

Send a SMS Text to the Blackberry device to retrieve its location either by GPS.

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How it works?
Install PhoneBAK GPS on the BlackBerry and configure to "Enable Tracking' in the software .

Send a SMS Text with the given pin from any phone to the BlackBerry to retrieve its location.
When the Text SMS arrives to the BlackBerry, it will calculate its location via GPS.
A return Text SMS will include a website link to the sender to see its location on a map.
Location Based Service
If the GPS is not available, it will pick up the nearest Cell Tower triangulations (subject to distance of up to 2km) to pin point the nearest location.

PhoneBAK GPS uses GPS (Global Positioning System) to track the location of the BlackBerry.

Cell Tower Triangulations, the use of information collected from physical infrastructure to estimate its location.

Case Study 01
Delivery men that carry BlackBerry to receive jobs based on their locations. No need to invest in another GPS hardware in vehicles.

Case Study 02
Monitoring of patients with medical problems.

Case Study 03
Combine use with PhoneBAK Anti-theft to quickly locate thief's latest location.

Auto Start Up
Software autoruns every time the BlackBerry is powered up.

Supported Device
GPS-enabled device but works also on non-GPS devices based on cellular based station tracking.


BlackBerry OS 4.5 & above - GSM Network
Carriers APN Settngs

Download (OTA)
Trial Copy

No activation pin required during trial. Some network may require APN settings.

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