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Phoenix Anti-theft
Phoenix keeps track of our precious Mac Laptops with the latest technology using iSight and internet IP address to identify the thief his whereabout! Yes, a video of him and probably where he stays when accessing the stolen Mac.

Since its introduction to the world with its video-capturing feature, Phoenix has assists many Mac owners in retrieving back their stolen or misplaced laptops! No subscription or annual fee to pay, just pay once and it is yours to keep.

How it works?
The stealth program can pinpoint the location of the thief and collects vital details to assist in the recovery of a stolen laptop!

When connected to an internet network, an authentication dialog will request the user to enter a password. If the user fails to enter the correct password within the pre-defined timing, hidden alerts (email and twitter message) and location will be sent out immediately to alert the owner.

Location of thief
With the use of location based service, the geolocation of the stolen laptop will be packed into a web address and be sent out.

Alert Message
Send out silently in the background with no indication that the software is running when connected to the internet.

Repetitive alerts can be set to send Alert Message every minute on the background.

Twitter Service
With Twitter service, owner can also receives the alerts via IM, email, from the web and even as SMS Alert Text to your phone. Twitter.com

Hidden Software Icon
Do not appear in home screen nor program screen.

Machine Serial Number
Serial number of the computer to verify against the theft when recovered.

Tamper Proof
Password protection to ensure no unauthorized access to the software.

Auto Start Up
Software autoruns every time the computer is powered up.



Leopard 10.5

Snow Leopard 10.6

US$29.90 (01 license)

US$59.90 (03 licenses)
One time purchase only (No subscription or annual fee)

Location Based Service

Note: Wifi and landed positioning may not work 100% in all areas due to limited coverage from the service providers.

IP Addresses
Capture addresses when stolen computer is on the internet (wired or wirelessly) to identify and pinpoint the location via the computer network utilizing the Internet Protocol standard (IP).

Total Privacy (No 3rd party monitoring)
Owners have full control of their privacy as Phoenix Anti-theft do not involve any 3rd party monitoring including BAK2u itself, but only directly between the owners to their machines.

Video Recording
Phoenix will record via the built-in iSight camera* and send out alerts together with other important information; IP addresses, machine serial number, MAC Hardware Address and even details of nearby wireless networks out immediately!

*Works on Mac machines without camera too.

Customizable Message
Owner can personalize the alert message to be sent to the pre-defined numbers to notify others of the theft.

Low Memory Resource
Phoenix will automatically shut down once correct password is entered.

Mac OS X version, 10.5 or higher

Screen shots
Phoenix Anti-theftPhoenix Anti-theft
FAQ: I need to log into the Window/Mac Operating System first before I can access the laptop. Otherwise the anti-theft software will not be triggered without internet connection. How do I work around it?

If you are using Windows / Mac authentication for login, you can setup a dummy account (with administrative privileges). Do not put any password in that account.

Install Phoenix and configure the settings in that account. This will allow the thief to login to the system without any windows based authentication. Once the thief is logged into the dummy account, Phoenix will be triggered.

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